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Mental Health Programs in Interlake and Eastman, Manitoba

In order to provide our members with tangible benefits to increase their personal growth, the Selkirk & Interlake Mental Health Support Centre offers specialized programs. These provide concrete benefits for participants, with the ultimate objective being to increase life skills, social interaction and emotional health. Members will sit down with our program director to determine how we can best help to meet each individual’s goals.

self dev


  • Enhance social daily living skills

  • Peer support

  • Promotion of wellness



  • Reactional activities/outings

  • Budgeting

  • Cooking/cleaning/maintenance

  • Education

  • Employment training and résumé writing



  • The Sunflower Café

  • Board development

  • Regional recovery champions

  • Income tax

  • Staff development

We’ve got a range of services to help our members. Come see us at any of our 5 centres or contact us today. In addition to our main location in Selkirk, we have centres in Ashern, Arborg, Lac du Bonnet and Lundar.


5 Locations

Our mental health support centres serve Manitoba’s Interlake and Eastman regions

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